'Our main motivation for living is to find meaning in life'     victor frankl




We are all born with essential physical and emotional needs and the innate resources to help us fulfil them.  These are known as 'human givens' - which need to be met in order to facilitate good mental health. 


The following are the 10 main innate emotional needs;


  • Attention - to give and receive it - a form of nutrition
  • Sense of autonomy and control - having volition to make responsible choices
  • Being emotionally connected to others
  • Feeling part of a wider community
  • Friendships, intimacy - to know that least one other person accepts us totally for who we are, "warts n all"
  • Privacy - opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience
  • Sense of status within social groupings
  • Sense of competence and achievement
  • Having meaning and purpose - which comes from being stretched in what we do and think
  • Security - safe territory and an environment which allows us to develop fully






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